How to do Origami - 1000 Cranes or 1000 Flowers?

Origami instructions can sometimes be difficult to follow when you are just starting.

The problem is made worse by not having easy to follow instructions upfront. Most of the origami instructions available skip steps that are crucial to follow for a beginner. You will come across this more and more on your journey to learn how to do origami.

A Solution to the Problem
You need to familiarize yourself with the origami folds and bases. (A base is simply a series of folds that forms the foundation of the final origami model.)

Here are some of the most popular origami bases that you need to know:
- The square base
- The kite base
- The fish base
- The bird or crane base

Don’t stress!!! I am not going to go into the details right now.
The most popular origami model is probably the origami crane. The crane is a good luck symbol in the Japanese culture. It is believed your wish will come true if you fold 1000 cranes.

1000 Cranes or 1000 Flowers?
I came across this article, on the One Inch Punch blog, looking for new origami project ideas. I want a quick and easy to follow origami project that teaches the basic folds and then share it with people that want to learn how to do origami.

“Uk based artist James Roper creates colourful sometimes abstract collage artwork but also has this physical piece made up of 1000 origami flowers.”

Hmm…I think I just found my new origami project. My wife absolutely loves roses. My idea is to do something similar and create different color origami roses. This will probably be on a much smaller scale than the artwork above. I hope she will like it.

The project is perfect for 3 reasons.
- It gives you the change to practice basic origami folds.
- It is quick and easy to follow. The origami rose is an easy flower to fold.
- You will learn the square base, one of the most basic origami bases.

I will keep you posted on the progress of this project.

You can read the 1000 Origami Flowers Artwork article here.